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I usually don't do book reviews. There are tons of good books but this one is THE book. The book that everyone with a career in software development should read. I don't mean a person whose job title is software developer and works from 9 till 5 but someone for whom software is a passion.

Do you want to get financially better? Do you want to change your job with a salary rate you've never dreamed of? Do you want more respect from your peers? Would you like to hang out with famous people in the industry? Do you want to become one of them? If your answer is yes, then keep reading or if you don't like reading long blog posts, go directly to Amazon, buy the book and you'll find how to get all these things and more in this book.

By the way, this is NOT a referral link to amazon. I'm doing this because I feel every developer needs to know about this book. If I had to go to an uninhabited island this would be the book I would take with me. Not that it would help me to survive on the island but it would be a fun read and would persuade me to find a way to leave the island. If you don't believe this then just read the Foreword of the book and how John (the author of the book) persuaded Uncle Bob to write it with only a few days' notice.

So the book is written by John Sonmez. He is the founder of the Simple Programmers where he helps developers to become better. If you follow him then you might be aware of his other products: 10 steps to learn anything quickly and How To Market Yourself. I have both of them and they are really good, John put a lot of effort in creating them. The Soft Skills book contains more information and details. Now after I've read all of them if I had to get them today I would get all three. They are complementary products. The first time I heard about the book I was wondering how different it is from How To Market Yourself but knowing John's work for a while I didn't think too much and bought it.

If you're not new to this industry and like me you've got years of experience then some of the advice in the book might not be new to you. But I started to read it and I was sure I was on the right track. John convinced me I need to keep going. If you think you've been through it all and have learnt all about it then think again - Scott Hanselman read it, shouldn't you?

This is not a book of magic it is a book with magic. You have to follow John's advice in order to succeed. I'm guilty of not doing it as you can see from by blog. But the book inspired me to be more active and this review I'm writing is because of this book.

Enjoy reading.

P.S. If you are still thinking, I will ask you, do you have friends who get loans to buy expensive cars? Do you know how easy you can stop them? You'll find the answer in the book.


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