Unbind TFS

Tags: C#, Git, TFS, Tools, Visual Studio

Categories: Git

Tags: C#, Git, TFS, Tools, Visual Studio

This a follow up post to the previous one Migration from TFS to Git

If you migrated your code from TFS to Git you'll soon realise that you don't need all the TFS bindings. After spending some time trying to find a tool which does this I've wrote mine. The tools I found didn't do what I need. They remove the bindings ok but in case with git you get the '.git' folder and the tools remove bindings in this folder as well.

I put the source code on GitHub so you can download it and use at your own risk. It edits the .sln, .csproj and deletes .vsssscc and vspscc files. Find the details on the GitHub web site: Unbind TFS


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