Exporting WordPress to BlogEngine.NET

Tags: blogengine, wordpress

Tags: blogengine, wordpress

I’ve used WordPress for some time but always had the feeling that I need to move to another blog tool, a one implemented in .net and be open source. In the end I’ve chosen BlogEngine.NET because it is open source, implemented in .net and it’s only a blog tool, not a CMS. The reason for moving from WordPress to BlogEngine.NET is that I have hosting with GoDaddy and WordPress is set as an application. But I would like to have control on that’s going on as I’m a .net developer and .net engine blog will fit my needs.

I had outages with WordPress but wasn’t able to figure out what was the issue. Also I am planning to keep the blog for very long time as the blog I’m talking about is for my son and my wife keeps updating it with funny stuff he’s doing. Hopefully she’ll manage to keep it updating during the time and in 10-20 years it will be really funny to read and laugh with my sun on all his adventures.  Because of that I need to be sure that I can have a backup of data and later if blog engine changes I can restore my data and migrate it to a different kind of blog. Everything I sad above can be done with WordPress. WP is really good tool but as I sad, being a .net developer I’d prefer to do the stuff in my well known field rather than learning new tools just for the sake of one blog posts.

After researching on blog engines I decided to move to BlogEngine.NET and was happily surprised that I’ve found the same theme from WordPress. I tried to export from WordPress and import into BlogEngine.NET using import tools which offers BlogEngine.NET at the moment but nothing works. The issue is because WP exports in Extended RSS.

After playing a bit with BlogEngine.NET and looked at the code I started a new project on CodePlex- http://wp2be.codeplex.com

I’m using XML files only, therefore the import is for storing posts in XML format only. Also I use the Writer to create blogs and some code is implemented to keep the same pattern as Writer, <img> tag, for instance.

Go to http://wp2be.codeplex.com download the app and follow the instructions on the documentation web page.


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